About Multi Camera Director Jacob Arent Jürs


I have been a TV Director for over 25 years.
I have directed concerts, events, live events, awards ceremonies, comedy, sitcom, game shows, quiz shows, parliamentary elections and debate programs for television. An experience few people have. My basic knowledge in all types and genres of TV shows is worth gold when you need an experienced TV director.
I have been a Vision mixer for 30 years. It was in that role that I learned about the calm and the overview it takes to handle major TV events and shows.
As a Vision mixer, I specialized in improvised live music video production.
Book me to manage your next TV, web stream or live stream production.

I have directed all the videos here at stinkfoot.dk
At the Penthouse you can see the latest and featured highlights.
In The basement is the archive with lots of good experiences.

The perfect production

I'm never prepared for the good idea, it just comes up. 

Then I can prepare and improve the good idea, and shape it into The perfect production.